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     Forever Strong Children’s Foundation was formed to recreate an environment that helped the co-founders, Fernando and Omar Garcia, overcome life challenges, but most importantly understand the power of discipline and a healthy lifestyle.


     In the summer of 2012, we provided a small group of at-risk youth with a positive environment that encouraged the importance of education and provided opportunities to attend social events, including professional sports games and talking with influential people within the community. That summer, we saw the power of positive influences affecting young people's lives, including watching children go from nearly failing grades to acquiring A’s and B’s the following semester.

     Forever Strong Children's Foundation is taking charge to bring more good to the greater Cedar Rapids community. We are a registered 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization which allows us to fully allocate resources where they can create the most impact.We want to give children an opportunity to dream big, set big goals and accomplish anything they set their minds to.

Our Story

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